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Hawk Logo_JAJ0561by Mark T. Wayne

“Quit talking business! This is important!” A shocking pronouncement coming from one’s employer! I go mum. We sit behind thick glass, watching the Chicago Blackhawks clobber the Anaheim Ducks in the final game of the series. The Hawks will win this game and go on to the coveted Stanley Cup. That is correct, sir—an opportunity for a third championship in just a few years! Continue reading HAWKS


Real World Star Arrested Nineteen Years Later!!! Will You Guess Who It Is???

This was bound to happen sooner or later with the cast of the Real World.

When seven strangers are picked to live in the “Real World” house, one of them might end up behind bars 19 years later.

TMZ reported that “Real World” star Puck, whose real name is David Rainey, was arrested on July 13 and charged with “inflicting bodily injury on a woman.”