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Baseball from MS Word T

by John Jonelis

Here in Chicago, we’re blessed with two professional baseball teams. I root for them both—yes, for me it’s Chicago against the world. But how many fans do that? Almost nobody, right? Whenever I betray my crosstown allegiance, people look at me cross-eyed.

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Dear NBA

I am writing this open letter in the hope that when the time comes, you will vote to keep the NBA uniforms free of corporate logos.

The argument to have the logos on the jerseys is around $100 million a year. There is no other reason. A simple dollar amount that may help keep a few teams above water. For a few years anyway. But in the long run the rich teams will still be richer, and the small market teams will still be small market.

I am going to ask you to think about it in a different way. Don’t think about what the money means.

Think about what the decision itself means.

Money will come and go. Teams will make it, Teams will also lose it. in fact, they may lose a lot of it. That is the nature of money. History has shown us that there will never be enough.

Unfortunately, greed ensures us that this will forever be the case. Yes, the extra money may help ease a few bottom lines, but so would plenty of other things.

The decision will be about money. But it doesn’t have to be. What if it could mean more than that?

You have a chance to show the world that there is still hope. Hope that there can still be decisions made based on purity and integrity. Hope that some things can remain free. Hope that traditions will be honoured. Hope that not everything has a price. Hope that we can enjoy things without feeling like we are being sold something along the way.

The world is getting tired of being sold to. Tired of advertising, of TV commercials, of billboards. When we watch the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL, witnessing athletes – doing things we can only dream of – in a uniform that has just a team name and number, we can, for a moment, escape this. We can focus on what really matters. The game, the players, the moments. Sport in America is what it is, the best in the world, because of this. Because it still retains some integrity and purity.

Because it is still just about the game.

We live in an age where there is a real danger of corporate suffocation of everything that we love. Our movies have been sold. Our music has been sold. There isn’t much left on this earth that hasn’t been sold. An audience is a commodity. We know this. We aren’t stupid. But when there is an opportunity like this, to make a real difference and stand up, not for what’s better for a hand full of owners, but what’s better for hundreds of millions of fans around the world, It’s too good to miss.

You have the chance to do something big. To say no. To make a stand and believe in the people who give you the opportunity to be where you are in the first place. Us. The fans. The people who buy tickets, hats, shirts, jerseys, bobble-heads. We want to keep it sacred. We want to keep it real. This is a chance to keep it that way.

We don’t want to watch our favourite players do amazing things while being sold something completely different. We have already bought in. We are sold on our teams, on the game, on the wins, on the sport, on the dream. You have us. Don’t sell us out.

There are many other reasons that other fans have spoken about at length. Listen to them, for these people are the ones that love the game, and will defend its integrity with a passion and intensity that burns inside every true sports fan. The fans are why this is all possible.

You have the chance to do something meaningful.

Not only for us, but for the money-driven world we live in.

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Miley Cyrus Finally Gives The Media Something Worth Talking About In Her Most Recent Photo Shoot!

“Aint worried bout nothing but my #bizzzznassss” is the tweet sent by Miley Cyrus on twitter to her thirteen million fans which received almost eight thousand retweets and close to nine thousand favorites. The tweet is not necessarily the interesting part, however, the picture she posted along with the tweet is what has been sparking the medias attention as you can see Miley shows a bit of cleavage in her most recent photo shoot as her right hand is grabbing her … well … just check out the photo!


Joakim Noah shows composure

DEERFIELD, Ill. — Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah let it be known Thursday that he was none-too-thrilled with getting a middle finger thrust into his face as he walked off the court after getting ejected during Wednesday’s playoff defeat against the Miami Heat.

Joakim Noah shows composure

In a photo that has made the rounds on the Internet, Noah can be seen walking off the American Airlines court in Miami with a female fan thrusting the lone digit into his face.

Noah was reluctant to get too in depth about the incident after practice Thursday, but shot upright when asked if he typically has fun with fan interaction.

“Do you have fun when somebody sticks their middle finger in your face?” Noah said to ESPNChicago.com.

Noah admitted that unruly fans, especially during road games, are part of the gig, and concurred that hostile treatment goes back as far as high school as it has for most players who have reached the professional level.

“It’s all good,” he said. “It’s all part of the process. It’s all part of the process.”

It was an example of Noah showing composure after not having much of it when calls started going against him and his teammates early in Wednesday’s game. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is making on-court composure a priority for the team moving forward in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinal series.

“Not only Joakim, but our entire team,” Thibodeau said. “We’ve got to do better, do a better job with that. You can’t get sidetracked. We know how it’s going to be called. We’re not going to get calls. We just got to be tough mentally, physically, emotionally. We’ve got to be a lot stronger.”

Thibodeau did address Noah’s ability to ignore the middle finger in his face.

“You can’t get wrapped up in stuff that’s not important,” Thibodeau said. “The important stuff is to concentrate on doing your job and to have the toughness, the physical and mental and emotional toughness, to get through all the things that you have to go through on the road. For the most part, Jo has done a good job with that, but as a team we let our emotion get to us. We can’t do that.”

Noah said obscene gestures wouldn’t ruin his day.

“I love the game,” he said. “I love basketball. I feel very blessed.”

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel identified the fan who gave Noah the middle finger as Filomena Tobias, the widow of former CNBC commentator and hedge fund manager Seth Tobias.

“She’s embarrassed, but she is being a good sport,” Tobias’ daughter, Victoria Racanati, told the newspaper. “She was having fun just like any other fan. All she has to say is that people need to get a life.”

Racanati said the family is Miami season-ticket holders who attend every game.


Facebook: When Should Your Business Post?

Did you know close to sixty percent of all posts are between ten in the morning to four in the afternoon?

In fact, research show after four in the afternoon the number of posts and readers rapidly decrease.

With this in mind, business professionals whom choose to beat the early morning rush and post earlier than eight had engagement rates approximately twenty percent higher!

Your attention please…this is important!

Rather than having your posts shoved to the bottom of an individuals news feed, following this above guide will shoot your posts directly to the top of any news feed.

Do not make the mistake of publishing posts only because the computer is sitting in front of you.

You must be sure to post early in the morning or post late in the afternoon in order to have you fans engage your page in conversation.

Remember the more people talking about your page the more likes you will receive in the long run!

Now, keep posting but be smart!