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Outsource Manufacturing Company ‘Enphase’ To Expand Headquarters In Pealuma

The company Enphase raised more than twenty million dollars from Angel Investors to launch their new product on the global market . This is an optimal time to raise awareness of their IPO since the launch of Facebook has taken a large share of the original market.

Their original investment was an upfront payment which was set to add to the cost of microinverters, the key to making them go global and popularize them amongst the online community, thus reaching a larger audience.

The company, which was found in two thousand and six, is the creator of microinverters. A microinferter is able to measure the direct current which when stored inside solar panels will feed power grids.

The design has been labeled controversial as an ineffective way to track, improve and pin point power output solar displays. Over ten percent of sales have come from Canada while a large amount of sales had come directly from the United States.

The company compiled close to one hundred and fifty million dollars in revenue last year all together. Enphase made less than half of this amount which was to date back to two thousand and ten.