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Facebook INC Continues To Steal Ideas From Their Competition, Yet No One Cares

Why does Facebook have the ability to copy other networks ideas? Why doesn’t anyone stand up and say anything?

Instagram recently took on a video add on strikingly similar to vine. Facebook just added the hash tag feature in direct correlation to Twitter.

According to a post from CNN:

“Facebook is a very important company in the world,” said Brian Singerman, a partner at the Founders Fund investment firm. “Anything Facebook does impacts a billion people. That in and of itself, becoming a communications platform for a billion people, is a pretty impressive feat in the world.”

Adobe PhotoShop Touch With Photo Editing Software To Launch Monday

The first photoshop touch launched late last year for Android Tablets worldwide. Early last May, Adobe sent photoshop companion apps to allow users to command the photo editing software of the desktop version directly to their iPad.

“Photoshop Touch is not a bad app at all,” Steve Troughton-Smith wrote in a twitter post. “It’s rather good. Can’t help to think it could have been so much better without AIR.” Photoshop is scheulded through ‘Adobe program writing communications platform’ and requires operating power in direct correlation with the iPad 2.

With Adobe Photoshop touch for the iPad you are able to gain the highest image intent possible (1600X16000.) You are also able to upload files and documents to the Adobe Creative Cloud processor.

The Adobe Photoshop application works in tune with your social networks as well. You have the ability to share status updates and images on Facebook or view comments posted directly from the app.

The upgraded software was made available for purchase but was taken off the shelves laft minute for some final renovation. Adobe Photoshop touch will be given early access to the iPad 2 only and will not work with the original Apple iPad.

The official date of launch is tomorrow. The app will be available in the Itunes app store for under one dollar.

The Google Plus One Button And How It Helps Your SEO Rank

There sure has been a load of talk over the Google Plus project, although not as much recently, but how much does their new ‘Plus One Button’ boost a websites SEO rank?

Website like Mashable (see here) proclaim the plus one button has an “indirect effect on your site’s search rank.”

While we are not quite sure why they would use the word ‘indirect’ we do know the button has a positive and long lasting effect on any website.

The same way the twitter tweet button files your tweets in twitters search index; Google works the exact same way. Well, we should not say exact because these are two different networks but they are similar nonetheless.

The number of plus ones is not as important as the quality of each plus one you receive. With this being said, the more plus ones you receive; the more likely you are to have quality plus ones overall.

The plus ones (based on the number you have) will in turn recommend your site to Google and allow the network to crawl your sites index.

Take Facebook as another example:

Facebook has had trouble indexing their website through Google in the past, however with the addition of business pages, Facebook has seemingly done away with their search engine problems. Facebook now has a way for Google to index them with the addition of the ‘Like’ button, which is in direct correlation with the Facebook business page. The more ‘Likes” your companies page receives; the more likely you are to receive a handful of clicks which will lead back to your webpage.

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