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Hawk Logo_JAJ0561by Mark T. Wayne

“Quit talking business! This is important!” A shocking pronouncement coming from one’s employer! I go mum. We sit behind thick glass, watching the Chicago Blackhawks clobber the Anaheim Ducks in the final game of the series. The Hawks will win this game and go on to the coveted Stanley Cup. That is correct, sir—an opportunity for a third championship in just a few years! Continue reading HAWKS

Microsoft makes Bing image search more social with one-click sharing to Pinterest


Companies know how important it is to make their products as friendly as can be with third-party social websites, and Microsoft, for one, has done a pretty fantastic job at making sure the team behind Bing’s doing exactly that. To wit, the Surface maker is, as of today, also starting to cater to the Pinterest crowd, announcing that it’s now allowing users of the recently redesigned site to share Bing image search findings via a simple click — assuming you’re logged in, naturally. The new sharing feature might seem like a rather minor one on paper, but for avid Pinners, it’ll certainly come in handy as they can keep their precious boards stocked up with a little less effort. And, well, you know what that means: more cats.

(VIA. Engadget)

This Website Lets You Pretend You Have Your Own Wikipedia Page


TheNextWeb – “I’m on Wikipedia” serves a single, hilarious purpose: to give you your very own Wikipedia page (kinda). Given how wildly popular Wikipedia is — it’s currently the 5th most popular site in the world — it is understandable why many would like to see themselves on the crowd-sourced encyclopedia. Unfortunately, you’ll need to reach at least a minute level of fame to make that happen properly.