Once Upon A Time

This article was written by Kristin DelMuto. She is currently a senior at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts. In May 2012 she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Kristin is very eager to get started in the world. She has always known she would want to be working in the Entertainment industry. She would love to pursue a career in Entertainment and move to Los Angeles, California or New York City. In the past, Kristin has been an intern at Picture This Television, a small production company based in New York City. Currently, she is an intern for Boston’s Hit Music Radio Station, Kiss 108 FM. While she is very open to what field in Entertainment she would like to focus on, the music industry is a number one goal of hers. She does have a little bit of musical background and skills, but since she has not focused on it all of her life she would like to get into the management or publicity part of the industry. She also has experience in film production and broadcasting from school and her internships. If you’d like to follow her on Twitter, her username is @kristindelmuto, where she often tweets about her favorite musical artists and entertainers. She also tweet frequently about her day-to-day experiences at her internship and life in general. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Are you ready to learn about a new band that is ever ready to break into the business and be the next big thing? Well here you are, I’ve got Once Upon A Time for you!
If you haven’t heard of the band yet, Once Upon A Time is a six-piece pop/rock band from Phoenix, Arizona.

Last Spring (practically only a year ago) was when Once Upon A Time started. It all began when lead singer Andrew Long posted some song ideas on Facebook. After receiving positive feedback, he decided to take things to the next level and take a chance with his music. Long managed to book some studio time for the coming summer with producer Jamie Woolford (Hit The Lights, Gin Blossoms.) During his months leading up to his studio time, Andrew was working 45 hours a week as a minimum-wage movie theatre cashier. He cashed his final paycheck the day before he entered the studio, ready for the long journey and work that lay ahead of him.
Aside from working in the studio with Woolford, Andrew also worked with producer Matt Grave (The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon) to mix the album he was working on, and sent it to UE Nastasi (Cobra Starship, The Summer Set) to be mastered. Long decided he wanted to become part of a band, so he auditioned countless guitarists, pianists, bassists and drummers. Although this started as a solo project, it quickly became a full band that now consists of guitarists Jamie DiCarlo and Keaton Leander, pianist Mark Miller, bassist Bryan Wong and drummer Nate Ray to complete the energetic, pop-rock set.
Once Upon A Time released their first 3-track album on February 14, titled ‘Open Your Eyes.’ Open Your Eyes consists of Forever and Ever, Open Your Eyes and What I Am Looking For. The band has also done covers of Hey Juliet by LMNT, Story Of A Girl by Nine Days and Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha at various performances. They have also had the opportunity of opening for the extremely popular pop/rock band Allstar Weekend for their two Arizona performances on their incredible All the Way Tour. If you didn’t attend the Arizona shows on the tour but developed a liking for Hollywood Ending, The After Party, Before You Exit, or if you are an Allstar Weekend fan, I highly suggest giving Once Upon A Time a chance because you will probably develop a fandom for them too!

The band is also holding a CD release show on April 7th, 2012 at The Nile Theatre in Mesa, AZ! Check them out if you’re in the area!

Once Upon A Time is looking to make a lasting impact in the music industry. In my opinion, it looks pretty promising for the band since in nearly only a year they have managed to form a band, record a small album, open two shows on a tour and form a large following in a short period of time.

Once Upon A Time’s ‘Open Your Eyes’ is available for download on iTunes now!

You can also check them out on Facebook: Facebook.com/iamonceuponatime and follow them on Twitter: twitter.com/imonceuponatime or @imonceuponatime. They are always up for chatting with fans, so I highly suggest you check them out there!

Stay tuned for a lot more news on Once Upon A Time, for I am pleased to announce I am now their street team leader for the Massachusetts area!