A Dream To Be A Website Creator Which Lead Advertisers Chase The Bait!

Written By Shiramae Sepida

Once I dream to be a a programmer. Tho deeply, it’s still there. A dream maybe I can reach in my next life. I don’t know how website designers, programmers did it tho one thing for sure, they did a good job.

Creating website is seriously not that easy. Have you wonder how Facebook been made? Well, many surely eager to know how. Facebook games became a craze, I suppose because people around me been addicted to farm until they build an extraordinary cityville and now, Tetris is on the top track. Do you play tetris? I bet only few couldn’t and I’m counting myself in.

As long as there’s an interaction of people, I’d say promotion or advertisement is always there. It’s one of the factor that a website can earn with the help of traffic.

I’ve seen how Facebook upgraded to the fullest. Now, they have a “Check In” option where allows FB users to say where they are. Well, obviously advertisers will add their businesses. I can see a resemblance between Facebook and Google Places.

Number of pages on Facebook is getting even higher, maybe not all the businesses tho you really believe that creating a page is not for business purposes? I know in internet marketing setting Facebook account can helps advertisers gain more traffic. And who wouldn’t take a try where a advertisers might satisfied enough to what Facebook can offer them?

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  1. Thank you for the information on ads for facebook, I was not aware of this feature. I see them on the side but did not understand how that worked. Your video and information was very helpful. Thanks

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