Facebook Page Owners Will Be Very Happy On March 30th

On March 30th, Facebook business page owners will be automatically redirected to the new ‘Timeline-style interface.’ Another alternative is the ability too preview your page by following this link.

You will now have the choice to how much control your brand has on Facebook with the addition of a new activity log. This will give executives the option to hide, delete or edit posts all with a simple click of the mouse.

The administration panel is another new add on. The Admin Panel will allow page owners to route the number of fans and engage with possible consumers via. Wall posts/personal messages.

In two thousand and eleven Facebook toppled Google in ad space by a .02 million dollar margin. Thus far, in the first half of two thousand and twelve, Facebook still remains on top by .05 million dollars.

The new Facebook ad display is in hopes to uplift revenue further. As we all my know, the company did have an initial public offering this year of over seventy five billion dollars.