Facebook Has Huge Mobile Growth Story In Thirty Days

In just one month, Facebook has seen exponential growth with over four hundred twenty five million visitors through their new mobile application. A fraction, under fifteen percent, have veered away from Facebook to visit another online application.

With Facebook’s astonishing IPO in mind, the mobile application is growing rather quickly. Facebook would argue the developer platform has seen an increase in natural traffic when people choose to log in from a mobile device.

“Since we brought Facebook Platform to mobile last year, Facebook’s mobile users have been able to access many of their favorite Facebook apps and games from their smartphones. Developers of mobile apps have embraced the platform for social discovery and are starting to benefit from the distribution it brings,” according to a blog post from James Pierce, “four months later, Facebook has 425 million monthly mobile users – and the platform sends more than 60 million visitors every month to apps and games. Mobile visitors were responsible for more than 320 million visits to mobile apps last month.”