Where Does Facebook Make Their Money?

Facebook’s main source of revenue is online advertising, which means the performance market share is watched closely for overall growth. Although advertising is the ‘big ticket’ for Facebook; it is still relatively small when compared to the large-scale advertising market.

Facebook had something close to three percent market share of global advertising spending two years ago, which is just double of two thousand and nine. Last year we see Facebook advertising revenue jump to just under two billion dollars in the United States, Google came close in second place.

Both Google and Facebook had been on the fast track to beat out Yahoo, the former ‘big kid on the block.’ This year, Facebook is predicted to earn over two and a half billion dollars in revenue.

Please keep in mind these numbers are simply estimates. The Facebook Ad Market is said to have jumped more than six percent in just one year.

Last year Yahoo raised on hundred and thirty five billion dollars in ad revenue and Microsoft with five hundred and sixty million dollars in ad revenue and after these two came AOL with five hundred and thirty million dollars in ad revenue. Facebook still accounted for fourteen percent of total ad revenue to come out on top.

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