“What Should People Post In This Facebook Group?”

Facebook has released the curbed new feature concerning how users will plan to experience group activity from this point forward. In the past, Facebook groups would some times be filtered with negative and unwanted content.

The Facebook News Feed will now return to its prior need of displaying meaningful, thought provoking and useful content on a regular basis without intrusion from an out side source. The new add on will make the group image photo more like a timeline to adhere to the collage of members in each specific group.

This is great news for two reasons:

One, there will be no more trying to make sense of a photo posted last minute with absolutely zero thought being put into the default image.

From now on, if you choose a bad profile photo, your entire page will come out as a heap of nothing.

Two, with this new integration, people will be forced to look at your page longer than simply five seconds.

Your Facebook group timeline may even catch their eye long enough to keep them coming back.